Womens Division history

we are located at: 400-420 Lytton Road, Colmslie Q 4170

A little about the Womens Division:

Bulimba Women’s Hockey Club was founded in 1972 by a group of players and parents of players.  We were originally located at Clem Jones fields at Carina.  The club relocated in 1979 to join the Bulimba Mens Club at Colmslie Reserve.  Then in 1996 BWHA, BHA and Qld Hockey took over the lease of the fields to develop the now State Hockey Center .  During this time we moved to the Gateway Sports Club at Tingalpa for the next 4 years.

Then in 2000 with a $15,000 Grant to install some lights we approached the SHC and negotiated a lease agreement to make the Colmslie Reserve our home again.  We have been very fortunate to call this venue our home for the last 19years and thankful for the support of the SHC Board and later the Qld Hockey for their ongoing support of our club.

In October 2019 we celebrated our 47th Trophy night and our last official celebration for our Womens Club. We are very proud to say that during the last 47years we have appointed 14 Life Members 9 of whom are of still playing or actively involved and 7 of which have over 30 years of service to our club.  With such depth and experience in our club we have been able to offer a great family feeling and provide Teams for players from 5yrs to 70 yrs to be actively involved in our amazing sport.

In 2019 our Mens club celebrated their 75th year and once again became the shared Lease holders (with Bulimba Cricket Club) of the Grass fields at Colmslie Reserve.  Over the last 2 years we have worked with the Mens club to merge our clubs and at a Special General Meeting on 2nd of February 2020 we voted to dissolve Bulimba Womens Hockey Club and merge with our Mens Club, the Bulimba Hockey Club Inc. In 2021 we held our 1st AGM as one club and elected a new Management and Operating Committees.

We all look forward to the ongoing development of all our Hockey players and Club and we are all very proud of the joint history of our Past and Present members and what they will bring to the merge of our Clubs.

Over the next few years we will be working toward a new club uniform for all, but in the meantime we will each play in our existing playing shirts and club colors.  The new Club Management are working on a new Club logo & branding for our Club walk out shirts and other merchandise items.  

All existing and new Club uniforms and club wear will be worn with  "Bulls Pride".
The Women's Division uniform is:

Playing Shirt: Jade & White with navy trims Sports Singlet (provided by club)
and a Jade Skirt & Navy socks with jade hoops

for boys playing in mixed Rookie teams we have sleeved polo & shorts

(all uniform items are available to be purchased from the Club)


Bulimba Womens Division Life Members

Bulimba Womens Division Life Members

Order Name Year awarded Active Service Years of Service

1 Fred Husted 1981 1973 - 2000  21yrs Deceased 09/01/2012

2 Bess Husted 1982 1973 - 1989 15yrs Deceased 12/12/2004

3 Helen Allan 1988 1974 > present 40yrs 2013

4 Wendy Nicholls 1987 1974 > present 40yrs 2014

5 Jill Gardner 1990 1973 - 1980 8+yrs

6 Jean Hooper 1990 1981 - 1990 10+yrs

7 Jan Hughes 1992 1978 - 2012 21yrs Deceased 09/01/2012

8 Gaye Swaffield 1997 1980 > present 40yrs 2021

9 Kim Sheather 1997 1976 > present 40yrs 2019

10 Joanne Smith 2001 1978 > present 40yrs 2021

11 April Parmenter 2012 1984 > present 30yrs 2015

12 Yvonne Gibson 2012 1973 > present 30yrs2013

13 Lynda Boyle 2019 1981 > present 20yrs 2012

14 Jacklyn Hale 2019 1994 > present 20yrs 2013


Womens Division Management Honor Board & Years of Service Role

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or Years of Service Honor Role  dated from 1973 to 2021 

Management Honor Board

Years of Service Honor Role

Jun Girls grass (U9,11) teams train on grass: 5-6pm
Jun Turf teams (JT2,3 & U13T) training FF1: 5-6pm
Snr Turf Div 5/6 FF1 6-7pm warm down 7-7.30pm
Div 3,4 Grass fields 6.30pm
Div 2. warm up 8.30pm HF2 9-10pm
BWHA Working Bee Allocations for Bulimba: Cleaning the DP Canteen
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