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Last updated 24 Jan 2024
AA Bulimba Hockey ClubOpen
BP / Burringba Park Turf FieldsOpen
DP / Downey Park Grass FieldsClosed
EHTT / Easts Hockey Tiger TurfOpen
RC / Redcliffe Hockey TurfOpen
RP / Racey Park Grass FieldsClosed
SHC / State Hockey Centre Turf FieldsOpen
Univ / University of Old Turf FieldOpen


  1. July 2024

    1. Thu 18

      JUNIOR BOYS CLUB NIGHT DINNER after training

    2. Fri 19

      Girls JT1: 8.45pm SHC1 vs UQ
      Girls JT4: 6.15pm SHC1 vs Pine Hills
      Boys J1: 7.30pm BP2 vs Valley

    3. Sat 20

      Girls U10B: 9.30am at Dp8 vs Ascot
      Girls U12T: 11am at Dp9 vs Valley
      Ladies PL2: 3pm at UQ4 vs Ked Wavell
      Ladies PL3: 1.30pm at UQ4 vs Ked Wavell
      Ladies PL4: 6pm at BP2 vs Easts split venue

      Boys U142: 10.30am at RC vs Valley
      Boys J2: 10.30am SHC1 vs UQ
      BHL1: 4pm at Lab vs Labrador
      BHL2: 2.30pm at Lab vs Labrador
      BHL3: 12noon at Lab vs All Stars

    4. Sun 21

      Ladies ML3: 4.30pm at SHC1 vs SWU
      BHL4: 12noon at EHTT vs Punjabi Kooka
      BHL5: 1.30pm at EHTT vs Easts

      WK2 BWHA U16 Trials

    5. Mon 22

      Div2/3/4 & JT1 fitness 7.15pm; turf (HF1) 8-9pm
      MM1: 7.42pm SHC2 vs Redlands
      MM2: 8.49pm RC vs Com
      MM4: BYE

Full calendar

Club Forms, Handbooks & Guidelines

To view or download any forms please click on the form you require :

Bulimba Hockey Club 2023 Annual Report

Thank you to the Members for attending the 2023 Annual General Meeting & Xmas drinks on 

Saturday 9th December.

Special THANK YOU to all the outgoing Members for your precious time and commitment.

you have all given to help with Building a better Bulls Club in 2023.

We would also like to take this opportunity to Welcome our new Office Bearers to our new 

2024 Management team and to the volunteers who have nominated or renominated for all

other Operational or Coaching roles for 2024 Season.  

There are still a few Roles or Coaching positions open for anyone looking to help in some way.

Operations Teams Role Overviews

AGM Form 2 Operations Positions EOI form

Download, sign, scan, and return your completed form/s to our Club Secretary Kerrie Freeman:


Bulls 2023 Annual Report: printable copy

Annual Reports are our way of recording and acknowledging our Office Bearers,

Coaches, Players & Team stats and Achievements each season.

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to THANK APRIL PARMENTER

for producing yet another amazing record for our members.

Please click for your copy:   Bulimba Hockey Clubs Annual Report 2023



(download, sign, scan, and return)

    Management Team Role Overviews   

Operations Teams Role Overviews

AGM Form 1 Management Positions Nomination Formall positions have been filled for 2024 season

AGM Form 2 Operations Positions EOI form

EOI Men’s Coaching Positions

EOI Women’s Coaching Positions

AGM form 3 Voting Eligibility Information

Form 4: Appointment of Proxy Form

Club Handbook – detailed role descriptions

Forward your completed form/s to our Club Secretary no later than:

Club Secretary: Kerrie Freeman:

            Email:      Mob:  0408 742 977

Club Rules & Guidelines Info & Forms & Information sheets etc

Bulimba Hockey Club Inc have developed a Club Handbook,which outlines our Policies & Procedure Guidelines to help our members navigate the many layers of our Club’s Committees & Office bearers & Volunteers’ roles.  Last updated 3 Sep 2023  


Click here:  Bulimba Hockey Club Handbook

Click here:  Umpire Development Program
Click here:  Junior Selection Process

Click here:  Women’s Div Selection Guidelines

Click here:  Men’s Div Selection Guidelines

Our Club Constitution is for the more formal Rules & Policies of our now merged Club.

Last updated 9 Jan 2019

Click here:  New BHC Constitution

Bulimba Hockey Inc Governance Review:  

            Click here:     Prospectus Document

Player Injury Information & Forms: use link for information re hockey Insurance claims etc:  

Last updated 28 Aug 2022

Click here:

Other Club Forms Available for download:

            Bulimba Hockey Club - Hobby Letter: for Coaches fees & umpire payments

BWHA Direct Deposit - Hobby letter used for Umpire payments. 



Annual Reports: printable copy

Annual Reports are our way of recording and acknowledging our Office Bearers, Coaches, 

Team & Player stats and achievements each Season.

Please click below for you copy of our Clubs Annual Reports

        Bulimba Hockey Clubs Annual Report 2023

Bulimba Hockey Clubs Annual Report 2022

BHC Womens Div Honor Role 1973 -2022

1st Combined Men & Women  Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2020

Annual Report 2019

Annual Report 2018

Senior Annual Report 2017

Junior Annual Report 2017

19th Feb. Newsletter: Outcome of the AGM meeting + Special Resolutions.

We would like to welcome everyone to the Bulimba Women’s Hockey Club and the 2019 Hockey Season.

Our 46th Annual General Meeting was held on 9th February, and it was decided that we would continue with the process of joining our Men’s & Women’s Clubs for the first time since both clubs were formed, so exciting times are ahead for us all. 

We started the process in earnest in August last year and both Clubs have elected to adopt a new Constitution and a new Operations Handbook which outlines the club’s day to day policies and guidelines.  The new Constitution has been forwarded to the Office of Fair Trading for approval and once that process has been completed, we will then hold a Special General Meeting to elect a new Management team as per the rules of the new Constitution.   

The new guidelines state that the newly elected office bearers from both the Annual General Meetings just held, will be part of the new Management team until the 2020 Season AGM, so we are expecting a relatively smooth transition. 

Both our management teams are continually working towards building a more Family friendly Bulimba Hockey Club, and we are looking forward to the possibilities and promise of things to come. 

We hope that You will also join us, and help be part of the process as we will not be able to achieve our goals if you do not help or volunteer with some of the extra things that may be needed throughout the season.                                            

On behalf of our Management Team, we would like to say thank you to all the wonderful Volunteers that have already stepped up and taken on Club Roles this season, with a special thanks to the Coaches who commit time & effort each week to ensure our Players hit the ground running every weekend. 

And last but not least, thank you to all the Family & friends that come and support our players and teams each week. 

We look forward to catching up with everyone, and we hope that if you have any further questions or concerns that you contact a member of our management team.

please see the above Page menu and click on Contact Us for our direct contact details                                                                                    


Agenda for 2019 BWHC Annual General Meeting: Sat 9 Feb

The AGM of Bulimba Womens Hockey Club is to be held 2pm Saturday, 9th February, 2019 at the Carina Leagues Club, 1390 Creek Road, Carina.  (In the downstairs Meeting Rooms.)

This is a very important Club meeting as we will be voting on Special Resolutions which will affect the future of our Club.  It is imperative that you read all the relevant information re the special resolutions and understand what we will be voting on.  We have circulated the copies of the New Constitution and Prospectus that explains details about the Club merge process and the New Policy & Procedures booklet which helps to give an overview of how our club will be structured, etc.              Please do not hesitate to contact any member of the management team for any further clarification of the process. 

This is your chance to have your say, so please attend the AGM and make your vote count.  If you are unable to attend the AGM, you can still have your say by completing the proxy vote (click on the link below) and return the completed voting slip to the secretary.

Agenda Items for 2019 AGM & the Special Resolution items to be voted on:

                                                                                                 please click herefor your copy

2019 Nomination form for the Election of Management & other Office Bearers:
                                                                                                 please click here:  for your copy

2019 AGM Proxy Form (for those members who are not avail to attend)
                                                                                                 please click here:   for your copy

The 2019 Management Committee will be elected at the AGM, when all positions become vacant.

The election of all members of the Management Committee & other Office Bearers shall take place in the following manner -
Any two members of the club shall be at liberty to nominate any other member to serve as a member of the Management Committee or any other Officer Bearers position.

·       The nomination, which shall be in writing or on the approved form as above, shall be signed by the candidate, proposer and seconder and shall be lodged with the Club Secretary:  April Parmenter via email:

by 12noon Friday,  1st February 2019

·         A list of candidates, proposers and seconders names shall be posted on the club Webpage / noticeboard seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

On conclusion of the AGM proceedings you are invited to stay and join with our Mens Club for drinks.

New Bulimba Hockey Clubs:  Policy & Procedure Booklet    please click here:  for your copy
New Bulimba Hockey Clubs:  Constitution (still to be approved by OFT)    please click here:  for your copy

Information on the Merge of our Mens & Womens Clubs


The Merge of our Mens & Womens Club is an initiative identified by both our clubs and will play a significant role in the future growth, development, viability, sustainability, and future success of both our clubs as a united entity.

We started the process in earnest in August 2018 after hiring a facilitator to help work through the many layers needed to bring about the introduction of a New Constitution and a new framework of our Clubs Joint Management & Operational Committees.

A copy of the Prospectus Document has been included which will provide an overview of the outcomes of the Bulimba Hockey Club Inc governance review and provide evidence to support a recommended way forward for the future governance framework of our merged Clubs.

We are releasing these documents to all our Club Members so everyone will have a chance to read through and advise of any points of concern or advise us if we have not captured the general feeling of our members or for a nice change let us know if we have got this right.

These documents, like the merge process, are still a work in progress, and we would appreciate some feedback before our next combined Management Meeting on Tuesday 18th December.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you read these documents and understand the process of what happens next and give us feedback. As this will be voted on at the Annual General Meeting, it is important that our members understand what they will be voting on.

Please Click here: for a copy of the New Constitution

Please click here: for a copy of the Prospectus

For further information please contact Gaye 0408 339891 or email direct:  Click here

We look forward to your feedback.

The Management of the Bulimba Women’s Hockey Club

Official partners of Bulimba Hockey Club