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Last updated 24 Jan 2024
AA Bulimba Hockey ClubOpen
BP / Burringba Park Turf FieldsOpen
DP / Downey Park Grass FieldsClosed
EHTT / Easts Hockey Tiger TurfOpen
RC / Redcliffe Hockey TurfOpen
RP / Racey Park Grass FieldsClosed
SHC / State Hockey Centre Turf FieldsOpen
Univ / University of Old Turf FieldOpen


  1. July 2024

    1. Thu 18

      JUNIOR BOYS CLUB NIGHT DINNER after training

    2. Fri 19

      Girls JT1: 8.45pm SHC1 vs UQ
      Girls JT4: 6.15pm SHC1 vs Pine Hills
      Boys J1: 7.30pm BP2 vs Valley

    3. Sat 20

      Girls U10B: 9.30am at Dp8 vs Ascot
      Girls U12T: 11am at Dp9 vs Valley
      Ladies PL2: 3pm at UQ4 vs Ked Wavell
      Ladies PL3: 1.30pm at UQ4 vs Ked Wavell
      Ladies PL4: 6pm at BP2 vs Easts split venue

      Boys U142: 10.30am at RC vs Valley
      Boys J2: 10.30am SHC1 vs UQ
      BHL1: 4pm at Lab vs Labrador
      BHL2: 2.30pm at Lab vs Labrador
      BHL3: 12noon at Lab vs All Stars

    4. Sun 21

      Ladies ML3: 4.30pm at SHC1 vs SWU
      BHL4: 12noon at EHTT vs Punjabi Kooka
      BHL5: 1.30pm at EHTT vs Easts

      WK2 BWHA U16 Trials

    5. Mon 22

      Div2/3/4 & JT1 fitness 7.15pm; turf (HF1) 8-9pm
      MM1: 7.42pm SHC2 vs Redlands
      MM2: 8.49pm RC vs Com
      MM4: BYE

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Newsletters & Notices

Bulimba Hockey Club 2023 Annual Report

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                          2023 Bulimba Hockey Club Annual Report

2023 BWHA 90th Annual Report

The link to the BWHA 90th Annual Report is

Hockey Qld 2023 Annual Report

please click here for your Copy of Hockey Qld 2023 Annual Report

Copy of HQ Policies-governance info

this webpage

The BULLetin - End of Season Edition, October 2022

The BULLetin - Edition 3, April 2022

The BULLetin - Edition 2, February 2022

As our Club grows, so does the need for better communication. The BULLetin is designed to keep ALL members up-to-date with all things BULLS. 

The BULLetin - Edition 1, January 2022

As our Club grows, so does the need for better communication. The BULLetin is designed to keep ALL members up-to-date with all things BULLS. 

Click here for your copy The BULLetin

Take a look at our young Bulls in new 2022 HQ Hockey Advert

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                             View the full album young Bulls in new 2022 HQ Hockey Advert

Hockey  One  Juniors

Register to be a Junior Volunteer:

Hockey One – Register to be a Junior Volunteer

2022 Indoor Hockey Opportunity

Have you considered playing Indoor Hockey this year ?

Indoor  Hockey 2022  Website

At Bulimba Bulls we recognise the skill and fitness benefits of playing indoor hockey in the off-season. We encourage and support our players to play indoor. 

Below is a table listing the proposed Viper competition for 2022.The competition starts in early October and ends in early December.At this stage, the Bulimba Bulls are proposing to support eight teams across the various competitions. More teams can be added depending on level of interest.


For the mixed gender teams – the rules require that of the five field players - at least three must always be female.

Registrations with Vipers are open now.We want you (and all your friends) to go to the Vipers Site and register.Once registered teams can be adjusted to ensure you’re in the appropriate team.We will need players, goalies, coaches, and managers for each of these teams. 

You can find out more information about the Vipers Competition at: South Brisbane Indoor Hockey - Vipers

You can Register at:  Vipers Registration.  Be sure to include the Bulimba Team Name.

Or you can contact Tim Armstrong (Bulimba’s Juniors Boys Coordinator) on 0434 142 101 to learn more about Bulimba and Indoor Hockey.

NEW Club Walkout Shirt - FEEDBACK and VOTING

Dear Bulls Community

Season 2022 has kicked off with our men and boys playing in our new uniform colours. We now need your assistance with the NEW CLUB WALKOUT SHIRT. There are 9 options available. Please provide your feedback BEFORE midnight on Friday 27 May, 2022 by going to this link

1 being your MOST PREFERRED design to 9 being your LEAST PREFERRED design

The Executive will take all feedback into consideration before a final design is decided upon.

Season 2022 Launch Function

Season launch invite copy

New "Club Walk-Out Polos" now available from our Online Shop

New Club Polos are now available to order,  click on shirt style below for all designs 
We initially will not be carrying stock for these until next season but if you Pre Pay/Order by the 17th July 
Your order will be ready in 6-8wks in time for end of season celebrations.
We have several options:  please click on shirt style to see picture

Click to see Size charts for:   Ladies size Chart or  Men and Childs size charts

All orders need to be Prepaid and in system by 17th July to be received for the finals or by end of season
Once we have established the most popular ordered styles, we will place a stock order for the 2023 season

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