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Last updated 24 Jan 2024
AA Bulimba Hockey ClubOpen
BP / Burringba Park Turf FieldsOpen
DP / Downey Park Grass FieldsClosed
EHTT / Easts Hockey Tiger TurfOpen
RC / Redcliffe Hockey TurfOpen
RP / Racey Park Grass FieldsClosed
SHC / State Hockey Centre Turf FieldsOpen
Univ / University of Old Turf FieldOpen


  1. July 2024

    1. Thu 18

      JUNIOR BOYS CLUB NIGHT DINNER after training

    2. Fri 19

      Girls JT1: 8.45pm SHC1 vs UQ
      Girls JT4: 6.15pm SHC1 vs Pine Hills
      Boys J1: 7.30pm BP2 vs Valley

    3. Sat 20

      Girls U10B: 9.30am at Dp8 vs Ascot
      Girls U12T: 11am at Dp9 vs Valley
      Ladies PL2: 3pm at UQ4 vs Ked Wavell
      Ladies PL3: 1.30pm at UQ4 vs Ked Wavell
      Ladies PL4: 6pm at BP2 vs Easts split venue

      Boys U142: 10.30am at RC vs Valley
      Boys J2: 10.30am SHC1 vs UQ
      BHL1: 4pm at Lab vs Labrador
      BHL2: 2.30pm at Lab vs Labrador
      BHL3: 12noon at Lab vs All Stars

    4. Sun 21

      Ladies ML3: 4.30pm at SHC1 vs SWU
      BHL4: 12noon at EHTT vs Punjabi Kooka
      BHL5: 1.30pm at EHTT vs Easts

      WK2 BWHA U16 Trials

    5. Mon 22

      Div2/3/4 & JT1 fitness 7.15pm; turf (HF1) 8-9pm
      MM1: 7.42pm SHC2 vs Redlands
      MM2: 8.49pm RC vs Com
      MM4: BYE

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Umpires Help Corner: Hockey Rules info

Bulls Umpire Development plan

Like to know how you can Earn Extra Money................

Bulimba Women’s Division Umpire Payment details:

We are able to pay our Umpires because all playing members are charged an Umpire Levy as 

part of their Club fees. 

Club Umpire payments: 

·   $30 / game (Snr / Jun Turf & Masters)

·   $25 / game (Jun Grass U7, U9, U10, U12)

·   We also pay our Mentors $30 / game.

These payments are either deducted of your unpaid fees or in paid in full you will receive a direct payment into your account monthly by the Treasurer.

(Please fill in and return a Hobby Letter with your Bank details to the Treasurer.)

Extra money can also be earned:  if you are an Accredited/ Badged Umpire with BWHA

For example, someone with a Level 1 qualification would receive $30 from us and $25 from BWHA......not a bad way to earn some pocket money to pay off your fees $55 / game.

Simply Ask how you can get Tested and earn yourself an accreditation/ badge and be paid for your time. 

Use the direct link for more information










Any other HockeyEd Badge



Level 2


Any other HockeyEd Badge



Level 1


Any other HockeyEd Badge


  ML1, DP1, MM1, JT1

Community Advanced


Any other HockeyEd Badge


  ML2 to 3

  MM 2 to 4

  DP 2 to 5

  JT2 to 13T2

Any HockeyEd Badge


HockeyEd Badges: Australian, Level 2, Level 1 (Including HQ Level 1 advanced), Community (including HQ Community Advanced)


• Level 2/3 – $25 per game

• Level 1 – $20 per game

• Level 0 – $15 per game

• No accreditation but some relevant experience – $10 per game

  (with a requirement to complete at least a Level 0 course during that season) 


              • $15.00 per game.

Club Umpire Develpment Pan

In 2022, we had a shortage of umpires across BHA, so in 2023 I am looking at getting more involved in umpiring. I am hoping to develop Juniors especially, but this is an open invite to anyone who is interested and will be for BHA & BWHA.

Once you are badged, you do get paid for umpiring BHA & BWHA games (Junior’s, Men’s, Women’s & Master’s) – so this could be a great way to subsidise your fees!

We will be conducting some training in person, but the first step I would recommend is to download the FIH Rules App which will help you learn rules, through reading or the quizzes available on the app – link below.

If you are interested, please comment below, contact me directly, or speak with your division co-ordinator who can then pass on your details to me.

Links below to BHA & BWHA umpires pages for further details on umpiring in Brisbane, but I will also include these details as part of the program.

Thank you,


Mob:  0420 371 885


Official partners of Bulimba Hockey Club