Wet Day policies & information

BWHA Wet Weather info


Wet Weather for Turf Fixtures (Junior Turf, Senior Turf, Monday Masters) will be announced only by the BWHA Facebook page.
Please check this page regularly if you are concerned about a turf venue fixture not being played.

Wet Weather for Grass Fixtures (U7s & U9s, Junior Grass, Senior Grass) will be announced on the BWHA Facebook and Website on a Saturday.
Club Secretaries will be contacted immediately if and once fixtures are cancelled.

Please contact your club manager/coach/secretary if you are unsure if fixtures are going ahead or check the BWHA Facebook page.

Clubs Wet Weather Policy

Hey everyone

Please assume that Jun or Snr Turf sessions or Games are always going ahead.. 

Unless there is a lightning storm or flooded fields, in both cases, the SHC Management or Club usually make that call about 1hr before the booking. 

We would then post a message on face book or email or text all players.  When the teams are more settled the Coaches or Managers will set up a message group for each team and send a text message to all for such news etc. 

In all cases, please use your personal discretion to ensure your safety in your travel to all events.


Below is the Clubs Wet Weather policy:

Game Cancellations are only done by BHA & BWHA Management and notices are forwarded out by them to us which we would then put on to our Web page and Facebook page.  We would also notify the Coaches and or Mangers and if possible (time permitting) email all members.

So, what do you do when still in doubt: 

Step 1/   First check for updates on either our Facebook page for our new "unified" web address: https://bulimbahc.majestri.com.au

Step 2/   Call or text your Coach or Team Manager

Step 3/   for Game cancellations only Check BWHA web page: www.bwha.com.au  or BHA web pages:  https://bha.org.au

               for any further updates or call the Wet Weather number provided # 1900 962 018

Step 4/   When in doubt turn up prepared to play or train...and please accept our apologies in advance if we still get it wrong.

If you are not attending trainings or are unavailable to play a game, please advise your Coach or Manager at your earliest opportunity so we can ensure we have time to arrange a sub for your team.  (Likewise with advance notice re holidays or work commitments)

BWHA Turf + Grass Field locations in Brisbane

Jun Girls grass (U9,11) teams train on grass: 5-6pm
Jun Turf teams (JT2,3 & U13T) training FF1: 5-6pm
Snr Turf Div 5/6 FF1 6-7pm warm down 7-7.30pm
Div 3,4 Grass fields 6.30pm
Div 2. warm up 8.30pm HF2 9-10pm
BWHA Working Bee Allocations for Bulimba: Cleaning the DP Canteen
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